A-Boards Pavement signs

The Kensington Range

A- board pavement signs can be supplied in many different sizes. Imperial sizes, Metric sizes and A Sizes.

Most A boards Pavement signs are made of , Aluminum, steel or wood.

Modern A-boards and pavement signs have a front opening snap frame fitted to both sides of the A Board. The poster is held in place by four griping front opening snap frames. These easily open to revile a polypropylene non-reflective cover sheet, this not only helps hold the poster in place but it also serves to protect poster from the rain. Our steel half-moon top A Boards have a magnetic cover that sits in a tray shape front to each side of the A-board. This is easy to remove to place the poster for display and replace the magnetic cover sheets.

A-board are bar far the most popular pavement sign used on UK pavements, it needs to be noted that although they are very stable standing on four legs they do need to be taken inside a building in hi wind adverse weather conditions.

We have probably the largest range of pavement signs and A

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